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About Seeds of India:

The entire world is running towards fresh and organic food produce every day, which should be the case given that it is the only way to stay healthy. With more and more focus on organic products, organic vegetables, organic farming and more, you can join the bandwagon of making your own produce in the most natural, and chemical free manner. If you are interested, then Seeds of India can provide you the assistance to make your dreams come true. You can say no to the genetically modified varieties and place your trust in nature to take care of your health.

Offers on Products:

  1. Vegetable seeds: Vegetables form a crucial part of our everyday lives. We often ask our children to finish their veggies as that will make them strong. But unless you are eating organically grown, chemical free vegetables you cannot reap the full potential of its nutrition. This is the background to Seeds of India offering a wide range of vegetable seeds for anyone who wants to grow their own vegetable farm. The seeds offered include beans, peas, corn, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, edible gourds, eggplant, cauliflower, cabbage, okra, leafy greens, root vegetables, hot and sweet peppers, melons, tomatoes and much more.
  2. Herbs and spice seeds: As much as vegetables are part of our everyday diet, spices play an equal role and herbs are inevitably used to bring the taste. Seeds of India offers you unbelievable rates on seeds of various herbs and spices including Coriander, Nigella, Culantro, fennel, cumin, fenugreek, masala spice collection, bread topping spices, leafy spices, lemon basil, hummingbird tree, tulsi seed collection, Drumstick tree seed, Dill, thai basil, Ashwagandha, lemon grass, Italian parsley and much more. These are quite popular in the nation and are compatible to grow in these conditions as well.
  3. Flower seeds and bulbs: Want to grow some flowers to make your house looking pretty or are you looking to add some color to your garden? Whatever be the reason you can find multiple flower varieties waiting to be perused in the Seeds of India online catalog. Their products include, Hybrid marigold Maya, Zinnia of different varieties and colors, Castor bean, Cosmos, Sunflower, Marvel of Peru, Dwarf Jewel mix, Tropic flame, turmeric, etc. which are destined to bring color into your home and garden.
  4. Our plants: If you are looking for plants that can be replanted into your garden, rather than waiting for your seeds to take root, then you can make use of the plants offered by Seeds of India. This category includes flowering plants like mogra, night jasmine, etc. and culinary plants like curry leaf, banana plant, etc.

Apart from the above categories of seeds, herbs and plants, the company also offers recipes that you can try out at your home using these organically grown vegetables. With more and more focus now shifted onto organic produce and making your own vegetables, you can take up the mantle in your hands with the seeds offered at seeds of India.

Top Rated Seeds of India Coupon Codes:

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Why should you choose Seeds of India?

Getting plant seeds for any vegetables or spices is not a tough task. But getting organic seeds that will ensure you have a pesticide free meal is quite important. That is where Seeds of India stands distinct.

  • The seeds for flowers, vegetables and herbs that are found in the Indian soil are specially taken with care for your use and it is only the freshest stock to every customer.
  • Every Indian garden has to have some basic starter plants like the curry leaf plant. Seeds of India pays special attention to these culinary plants and offers you with the chance to have them at your place through their nursery plant section.
  • The service offered by Seeds of India is yet another factor that acts to its advantage and in favor of their customers. The seeds can be ordered from anywhere in USA through USPS with free tracking to get your package on time.
  • There are wide varieties of seeds to choose from in each category, be it vegetables or spices or flowers. And each of them is available at a price that is highly competitive to every customer.
  • The inventory is constantly updated with new varieties of plants and seeds.

How Seeds of India is unique?

  • Every seed offered through Seeds of India is non-GMO, meaning that they are not genetically modified in any way.
  • The varieties offered are easy to grow by anyone and the team also offers guidance on how to take care of the plants as they grow.
  • Fresh nursery plants on sale during the seasonal months between April and November covering both fragrant flowering plants and culinary plants.
  • Also cater to specific plant variety based on user requests. So if you have a plant that you want to grow but do not find in their catalog, you can request them to get it for you.

How to use Seeds of India coupon code:

Seeds of India offers amazing prices on every seed of vegetables or flowers at their site. These organically grown seeds also come with the tips on how to use them better and grow a healthy plant. When you have a coupon code for this website, you can use it with ease after you have completed your shopping. Once all your items are added to the cart, you can view the cart where there is a field provided for you to input the coupon code. Just click on apply after providing the coupon code and you will see it taking effect immediately on the bill.

How to find Seeds of India Promo code:

The coupon for Seeds of India is not just available for redemption on their company website but they can also be used for redeeming in Amazon and other major retailers online. The coupon code which offers a discount or a promotional offer is found online through a simple search. Once you choose the website that offers the coupon that you need, you can collect the code and apply it while shopping for the Seeds of India product in their website. On the other hand, you can also apply Amazon or other retailer coupons when shopping for these products through them.