Planet T Uniforms Coupon Code & Promo Codes (Sep. 2022)

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About Planet T Uniforms:

Every school or institution has its own unique way by which it distinguishes itself amongst others. While the laurels the students of a school brings it are important and a major distinguishing factor, but the first and major way a school distinguishes itself is by its uniform. Planet T Uniforms believes in going beyond the norms of normal business relations to provide something unique to its customers.

Offers on Products:

Their products are varied and cater to any form of uniform which the school might be in need of. Here are those products and some of their product policies which allow them to stay as one of the uniform makers:

  • Their bottoms feature a kind of a fashionable functional styling made up of very high-quality fabrics that are meant to last and are also easy to care for.
  • They offer pants, skirts, capri pants, shorts, sweatshirts, staff shirts, crew neck t-shirts with logo, PE shirts, PE shorts, belts, and spirit items. So, basically, if there’s a school uniform type you need, regardless of whether it is for regular classes or for specific school activities like for sports or band, they have all the kinds of fabrics and styles to cater to it.
  • They also sell collared polo shirts, zip-up hoodies, long sleeve polo shirts and more amongst others. Planet T makes use of a special bleach safe thread on all their Polo’s. So even though the embroidery will not damage due to a chlorine bleach but it is advised by them to not use bleach on any type of colored shirt, apart from white.
  • They also send flyers at home with your kids right at the end of the school year. These flyers have a little gift with them as well as they contain the special early hopping saving data. They invite you to shop early so that you can take advantage of the best selection and savings offers.
  • Their products can be exchanged as long as you present a sales receipt, keep the tag intact on the uniform itself and ensure that the garment hasn’t been washed nor worn. This will be useful if you purchase uniforms in the summer but see that your kid has a growth spurt. You will even be able to get a refund this way if you want it.
  • They produce large quantities of every specific school’s uniform so that you can get it for cheap. So they themselves advise you to not go for a different embroidery as it can cost you a lot more.
  • Another major advantage is that their products will be shipped to your home or address just for a little fee. You will even be able to collect them from their store itself of that’s more convenient for you.

Top Rated Planet T Uniforms Coupons:

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Why should you choose Uniforms by Planet T?

The company strives to give great customer service. Their motto is to deliver the best quality products to its customers. With such an ideal, there’s a lot of reasons why you should choose them:

  • They have a ‘give back to the community’ kind of mentality which ensures they find ways to creatively service as well as contribute to the schools they work with.
  • They maintain the lowest prices for their customers but don’t compromise on their quality and service.
  • They make use of innovative processes like Anti-Pill Process, Tagless Labels, Fade and shrinkage control, Stain release, rayon thread embroidery and more. All this ensures that the products stay long lasting and is comfortable to wear for your child.
  • Their uniforms are cut generously so as to allow for natural shrinkage and to take in your kid’s growth. There is no shrinkage in their blend bottoms. Their other clothes for Polo’s shrink only a little in length and not in breadth. So it would ever feel like you are unable to breathe.

How Uniform by Planet T is unique?

Planet T strives to give its customers the best- both in terms of fabrics and style. Their clothes are unique because:

  • They are made up of long-lasting and high-quality fabrics which are meant to last for a long time without any breakage.
  • Their Polo’s are chlorine resistant as they are made up of special bleach thread. But you should still not use bleach on any type of garment except white.
  • They have a hassle free and smooth refund policy. You only need to keep the tag intact on the uniform and bring the sales receipt. Of course, there is the factor that the uniform should neither be washed nor worn.

How to find Uniforms by Planet T coupons:

You can get the Planet T uniform code in two ways- either through their site or by using the internet. On the site, you should look forward the coupon information in their homepage, FAQ section or in the shopping section. But if you can’t find it then contact them to clarify regarding the matter. On the internet, you should try typing Uniform by Planet T coupon code to find coupon sites that sell the coupons. But you should take precaution to always choose a reliable site because otherwise you can get scammed and the virus can enter your device.

The uniforms provided by Planet T are of the utmost high quality as they are made with the best fabrics. It will surely last long and be comfortable so that your kid can wear it to school without any issues.

How to Use Uniforms by Planet T Coupon Code?

Using the coupon code of Planet T will ensure that you get some great needed discounts. You can expect at least 10% to 20% to be removed from the total cost of the uniform by using such codes. To use it you first of all have to include it while paying for your order online. You will have to copy and then paste the code when the system will prompt you to while paying for the uniforms. The system will then identify the coupon code and you will get the discount for the stated amount. But you should ensure that you put in the correct code. You should also keep in mind that this code can be used only once.