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With health and fitness gaining importance in our everyday lives, we are looking for means that will help us to stay fit. Of course this doesn’t mean we are immune to physical pain or injuries that happen often. The itbandz for knees proclaim to be the next generation knee support that will help you pursue your passions with no inhibitions.

With the itbandz you can get the necessary support you need to keep yourself active and enjoy participating in sports without worrying about pain in your knees. Whether you want to play with your grandkids or you want to take a walk with the dog, you can do that and much more thanks to the itbandz knee support. It is not just for those who are suffering from knee pain but it can also help those who want to prevent knee pain or injuries to the knee while working out or be part of strenuous exercises.

The itbandz are qualified expense under HAS/FSA which makes it easy on your wallet as well. It works by absorbing the impact on your knees and offloads the meniscus to reduce the pain caused by arthritis. The itbandz also help with reducing the pain caused by Tendonitis andn to provide stability in case of ligament or tendon tightening or injuries.

The design of the itbandz is the same as the natural knee structure of humans where the support is offered directly under the kneecap. This is where you need to have the support to keep your knee working in the right condition. Made of special neoprene, the comfort offered doesn’t slip from your knee at any time and it continues to make life more comfortable for you as you pursue your favorite activities.

Offers on Products:

There are three different products offered by the company namely the ITROYAL V2.0, ITCLASSIC V2.0 and ITBLACK V2.0. Each has its own features and benefits aimed at providing a better knee support that transcends time.

Wearing itbandz

Wearing the itbandz is quite simple and there is no need for assistance whatsoever. You can either wear it around your knee directly on the skin or over the workout pants as you prefer. The bump portion has to be up and it has to be positioned right in front of your knee. The fastening system of the itbandz makes sure that you have absolute control on how much and how long you want the tension to be. You have to however make sure that it fits snugly over your knees and there is no gap while also making sure that it is not constricting your muscles.

Caring for itbandz

If you are thinking that itbandz requires special care and maintenance, then you would be surprised. All you need to do is wipe the itbandz with a sanitized wet cloth. Or you can simply wash it with soap and water as is possible at any given time. You can hang and let it dry after washing it. It is not recommended to use it in washing machines as the Velcro might affect other clothes.

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Why should you choose Itbandz?

The itbandz are designed to provide you comfort and alleviate the pain in your knees in different cases including tendonitis, IT band syndrome, arthritis and many other chronic pains/ problems in knees.

  • When you have either arthritis or thinning bone on bone, then you would offer have pain due to the impact of shock. The itbandz works by offering internal support that will gently lift the patella on your knee and adds onto the support for absorbing shock.
  • The joints on your knees are like a hinge and have to move only forward and backward. In case of an injury to the tendons or your ligaments, there is a lateral motion which causes pain. This can also happen when there is a tightening effect due to IT band syndrome. In such cases, you receive unbelievable support and stability with the use of itbandz knee support.
  • In cases of those suffering from tendonitis, the itbandz help reduce the strain on your tendons by means of compression on the patella and helps reduce inflammation. This further helps in reducing the pain due to tendonitis.
  • The itbandz are made with neoprene which ensures that they do not slip from their place at any time.

How Itbandz is unique?

The itbandz is a complete and perfect combination of style, design and science. The itbandz come with a money back guarantee of 90 days which is another testimony on the quality of the product and how durable and efficient it is. Furthermore the product is not just a support that will keep you from experiencing pain but it steadily offers support for many other knee problems. Whether you are suffering from an injury or you have a tendon or ligament issue, you will find that itbandz offers you with utmost comfort while also offering a simplistic solution to your knee issues.

How to find the coupon code for itbandz?

Coupon codes or promo codes for itbandz are available in plenty and are quite easy to find as well. All that you need is some basic browsing skills and a robust internet connection to get them. To start with, you can go to any search engine like Google which you are comfortable with and type in a few keywords like “itbandz coupon code” in the search bar. Once done, click on the search tab or just press enter and you will be presented with a whole multitude of websites to choose from. You can choose the coupon codes from any of the links and use them.

How to use these itbandz coupon code?

You have three different products to choose from in the website and once you are done with the choosing, you can add what you need to the shopping cart. Once you are done with the shopping, you can then proceed to the cart page for checking out. Before checking out, you will find that there is a provision under the product lists for entering the coupon code. Enter the code you have in this juncture and click on the “Apply coupon” tab to enjoy the discount the coupon code brings to you on your shopping at the itbandz online store.