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About IdenTrust:

Nowadays everything is being digitized, from birth and death certificates to college graduation ones and more. Digital certificates are necessary because they cut down on a lot of unnecessary paper waste and are easily portable as well. Not to mention, how easy they are to produce. But with so many advantages, comes some disadvantages. A major one is to overcome is the distrustful attitude which people have in regards to digital certificates. As such, there also comes the parallel need of ensuring that the digital certificates are authentic and not forged or fake. This is a work which isn’t easy to do, but if there is one company you can rely on to get it done, it’s IdenTrust.

IdenTrust works as a major provider of digital certificates which establishes the ground for trusted identity solutions that get recognized by a lot of people and institutions. This includes financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare providers and other types of enterprises which are present all over the world.  There are a lot of different types of certificates and associated certificates which this site provides and these are held to global standards.

Offers on Products:

Their certificate types are:

  • Digital Signing and Sealing: They make use of identifying based certificates to fully secure the documents by making use of digital signatures as well as incorporating digital, professional or agency seals. Digital signatures actually replace the wet ink signatures and can be used with ease in professional spaces. This is a reliable method because it allows organizations and agencies to streamline signatures and allow for the establishment of an audit trail. This adds to the integrity of the digital signing by allowing for documentary evidence of the proper sequence of signing that took place.
  • Email Signing & Encryption: Their digital certificates protect confidential communications by ensuring that the email messages are encrypted.
  • DoD ECA Programs: ECA programs basically allow contractors to fully authenticate to the DoD information systems as well as secure the communications by making use of encrypted and signed mail. The ECA program allows the mechanism to fully communicate with the DoD and also authenticate the DoD information systems.
  • Federal Bridge Certified: Their digital certificates comply with the US Federal Bridge and it can be securely used when you need to get government trust. It allows for interoperability with a variety of applications and systems.
  • Federal, State And Local Agencies: Their digital certificates help in signing emailed communications so as to streamline major business processes. This too helps in eliminating the use of paper and establishing an audit trail which gives integrity to the digital signing process by giving documentary evidence.
  • IoTT Device Security: They ensure the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of data and communications which were exchanged between the devices set in the field. In the new Internet of Trusted Things (IoTT), device certificates are useful when it comes to securing anything ranging from cameras to vehicles and much more.
  • Publicly-Trusted: Their certificates are very publicly trusted as they assure the identity of people, businesses, and websites when it comes to conducting forms of online commerce functions.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Their digital certificates are used along with the username and password so as to provide highly secure access to applications and websites which are certificate enabled.

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Why should you choose IdenTrust?

IdenTrust is a site which offers secure, authentic and confidential digital certificates that can be used by professionals, institutions and anyone else. But there’s more to them than that:

  • They have a Document Library which functions as a central repository for a lot of documents, policies, and forms which are associated with the service and products provided by IdenTrust. Along with this they also have Root chain certificates which work to ensure that your certificate functions properly, they have the Education Center where you can learn about new and innovative ways of and other areas where information pertaining to your needs are kept.
  • They have a folder called ‘How Do I’ where various PDF instructional documents are kept which will help you in using and managing your certificates for securing your mail, digital signing and more.
  • You can get a hold of their global standard customer support service by using mail, chat, telephone and such.
  • You will be able to encrypt documents and data while both at rest and in transit. They also protect your email communications so as to ensure your privacy.
  • You will be able to ensure confidentiality as well as the integrity of the data streams present between devices and then authenticate which are in the field.

How IdenTrust is unique?

  • This is the only bank-developed identity authentication system present in the whole world. They have more than 5.1 million certificates in very active productions and they also support upwards of over 18 billion validations each year.
  • IdenTrust systems allow for incomparable system reliability that results in the uptime for issuances and validations at 99.9% or higher.
  • You will be able to secure the organization identities and domain names, which will allow for online talks and transactions to occur with full confidence and trust.

How to find IdenTrust coupon code?

IdenTrust coupon code is available quite easily on their site but if you can’t find it there, then you should try searching on the internet. A simple search of IdenTrust Coupon Codes should give you various sites which will have them. But you should judge the site you are taking the coupon from with care as some sites are there to just scam you or put various types of malware on your device.

IdenTrust is a site which is sure to give you a technologically and legally interoperable environment for using and authenticating identities. This will make your job easier while dealing with clients.

How to Use these IdenTrust Coupon Code?

You will be able to get a good discount by making use of IdenTrust’s coupon code. But, just to be sure, you should call or mail them up to check if there is indeed a discount being given. You can use their discount coupons at the time of making the payment for purchasing the certificates. You will have to put in the coupon code when it will be asked for, which is at the time of payment. After that, the system will process the code and deduct the required amount from the total amount you have racked up. Remember that they are for one time use as well.