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About Hexographer

If you are running a campaign which needs you to include a map or a terrain that will include roads, rivers and what not, then you would find the hexographer to be of utmost assistance. The Hexographer is designed to provide you with tools and resources for creating maps in the most specific styles and in the fastest way possible too.

Features list

Some of the features list available in the pro version is not accessible in the trial version. The features are classified into basic, customization, special and pro features.

  1. The basic feature set is where you will get to include hexes by clicking on them and create a map on the blank page. You can simply drag the hexes to create the terrain you want without any delay or coding. You also have the option to use the random terrain generator which will create a rough map based on your specifications. Alternately you can also create a basic layout of the terrain and let the wizard fill up the terrain on the basis of your sketch. You have feature icons to highlight mines, caverns, rough coasts, castles, forts and so on. There are preset styles that you can make use of while naming the places on your map.
  2. The customization features allow you to use icosahedral map template to create the terrain. You can remove and resize your icons based on your requirements, and there are options to adjust colors and other features as well.
  3. Special features are where you can have the maps printed out as a poster or an art or you can trace it over from another source. You can associate arbitrary lines and text as you would want to these tags.
  4. The pro features allow you to use any icon of your choice in the map. Furthermore you can write details about any map hex to help you know more about them. You can generate the map key automatically and then customize it to match with the symbols on the map.

Extra icon sets

You can use this place to get the required icon for replacing any feature that you want in the pro version of the hexographer. Of course there is no hard and fast rule that you can use only these options as your alternate icons. The map symbol sets available to you include,

  • 1E world style which is a collection of map icons from the classic maps of 1E world boxed set.
  • Alternate classic which will update and refresh the look of classic Gazetteer icons and is created by artist Keith A Curtis.
  • Calligraphy which will give you the look and feel of a calligraphy brush or watercolor.
  • Multicolor classic which is very similar to the default icon set from Hexographer but it has multiple colors to make it more vibrant.
  • Black and white classic which will take you back to the maps from around 25 years back.

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Why should you choose Hexographer?

When it comes to creating a terrain that will match with your game play or other objectives, it could be quite challenging if you are not well versed with programming. However, you don’t have to worry about the worrisome and highly complex options given by the CAD programs and other general editors for images and just focus on creating a map that completely meets with your expectations. You have the option to download the default set of icons and use them in your map if you need them.

You can use any of the images in PNG format with a clear resolution and transparent display to fit the hex size to use in your terrain or map when you are using the pro version of the Hexographer. They offer customization features which will help you to create a terrain completely based on your requirements and use the wizard to fill in the details for easy and fast outcome.

They also have video tutorials and quick start tutorials to help you understand every step better and to know what you can expect from the hexographer. You have the option to choose a free trial to try some of the features before purchasing the license for hexographer.

How Hexographer is unique?

There is a free trial version which lets you access some of the features in the list they offer and you can then move onto the pro version or purchase the license to move ahead in the making of your maps. There are samples available on the site which will give you an idea on what you can expect from their program with regards to the maps and terrains that you want to create. Moreover they already have their shortcomings also listed down in the website so that you might know what to expect when you are using the hexographer for your maps and terrain.

How to find coupon code for Hexographer?

The best place to find the discount or the coupon code for the Hexographer is to visit the most used search engine on your computer or mobile phone. Just key in the search terms in the search bar like “coupon code for Hexographer” or “discount code or promo code for hexographer” and you will be amazed at the number of websites that appear in the results page. The coupons and promo codes are available in different denominations and it is up to you to choose based on what you need from the list of codes available to you.

How to use these Hexographer discount code?

When you are using the coupon code for hexographer and you have the list of icon sets and other options added to your shopping cart, then it is just a matter of time before you can get your hands on the map you need at a discounted price. Go to the shopping cart page after adding the required items and you will find that there is option to the right in the name of discount code where you can key in the coupon code you have. Once done, click on the apply button and voila! Your bill will be automatically discounted.