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About Forge of Empires:

When it comes to gaming there are so many online games these days that you would find yourself bombarded and baffled with the multiple options. However if you are looking for a game that involves emperors, action, ruling, thrill and building and everything else, then the Forge of Empires is definitely a game to look forward to.

Published in the year 2012, by the company Innogames, this game is truly innovative in every step of the way, be it the visually appealing graphics or strategic game plan. Coming from a company like Innogames which is well established for publishing a whole list of successful strategy games, it is not surprising to see Forge of Empires being the best of the lot.

Offers on games:

The game plot

The game starts with you, the player being the chieftain in a settlement dating back to about 5000 B.C, almost in the Stone Age where there are a few tents or huts to take care of. It is your task to develop a strategy that will help improving the settlement into a flourishing city and travel through the different ages to become the most powerful empire in the entire game.

The Forge of Empires (FOE) is a browser based strategy game where the user has to be prove himself to be a worthy ruler, by improving the city, increasing the gold in treasury, increasing the food capacity, the population, building a fort, advancing technically and of course keep it safe from the neighboring settlements/empires.

The game starts with you building a simple settlement but takes you through an exciting journey of building an empire all on your own with a strategy that you think is the wisest.

Be a part of the community

Like every other strategy based browser games, the Forge of Empires (FOE) also involves a global community of players from across the world, playing alongside you.  With its life like graphical imagery and strategically designed game plot, it will keep you interested every day. Furthermore being part of a global community will help you to make friends while playing a game that keeps you contented all through the day.

The choice is yours

There is no hard and fast rule in playing FOE. You can be the evil emperor who ambushes and stamps upon every neighboring settlement, not letting them thrive or you can be the kindest of the emperors who is only focused upon building your own city and ensuring it is safe and thriving. The choice is left to the players and hence you will find yourself playing this game as per your rules and your pace. Of course, when you are playing with others, you must take appropriate measures to keep your city safe from encroachments and attacks.

If you are looking for a game where there is an empire to be built and a war to be fought, where a city is completely depended on your strategic planning then you will find that FOE answers to all your requirements in one go.

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Why should you choose Forge of Empires?

When it is a choice to make on the game that you want to play online, there are many factors to look into. To start with you need to look at the genre that you want to play, a genre that you will not be easily bored with and that is why the strategy based games are much sought out by everyone. These games generally have something unique and different to do every day. Forge of Empires is one of the best browser based strategy games that will give you something different to think about every day.

From building a small hut to building an entire settlement with you being the ruler, you have decisions t make, strategies to plan and advancements to do in your kingdom on a daily basis. Most importantly the game offers you the choicest of the graphics ensuring that you truly find yourself traveling back in time creating your own kingdom and ruling it the way you want to. With players from across the globe playing with you, you will find yourself being part of a global community competing side by side towards victory. It is a multiplayer game and yet you will have many things to do by yourself independently.

How is it unique?

The forge of empires has been quite successful in the browser based strategy gaming list since its release. This strategy based online game has some of the best features you could ask for and the graphics are truly unique that you feel as if you have been transported back in time. You have the choice to either be the most kindest and just emperor or be the evil emperor ambushing everyone on your path to victory. You can rule the way you want to and be the king you have always wanted to be, if given a chance with this game.

How to find the coupon code for Forge of Empires?

If you are playing the strategy based online game Forge of Empires, then you might want to search for these coupon codes, sometimes offered by the gaming company and sometimes by other resources to improve your game and move forward. The coupon codes or the promo codes can be easily found on any website online. You can search for them using the simplest of phrases and you will find a whole plethora of results waiting for you to make use of. You can also find them in the official social media pages of the game as well.

How to use these Forge of Empires coupon code:

The coupon codes for the game Forge of Empires will help taking you closer to the victory unlike never before. If you have these codes, you can simply redeem them at the game directly by means of using the redeem options at the menu option. You can redeem the coupon codes to get yourself the much needed weapons and other items that will help you progress faster and easier towards your goal. You don’t have to spend money too much in getting the required items but rather use these coupons at the time of purchasing and enjoy what it gives.