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About Efile1099now:

Tax filing can be quite a challenging task and if you have made a mistake, then corrections can be equally daunting. However it may not be the case if you have the assistance of the cloud based software which will help you prepare the file, file your tax and deliver the forms for both W-2 and 1099 from anywhere and at anytime you want. It is quite simple and you just have to do few simple steps online and have everything done in a jiffy by the e-filing system.

The filing can be done in 4 simple steps where you start with signing up for an account on the efile1099now and then move onto enter the data into the forms that you want to be filed. You can even use the easy upload wizard if you are filing for many. At the time of checkout you have the option to choose whether you want to have efile and edelivery or you want only efile. Once done and the payment is made, you can relax while the company takes care of your filing, sending copies to recipients, etc.

Offers on Products:

There is no restriction on what form you want to fill and file and there is no heavy lifting involved in your end either. With absolute security to your data submitted, here are the forms that they take care of on your behalf.

  • Form 1099-Misc for miscellaneous income like that of a subcontractor who is not a regular employee. Such payments or rent payments and prizes are to be recorded under this form.
  • Form W-2 which is the wage and tax statement for every employee who has received remuneration from you which includes both cash and noncash payments higher than $600 in a year.
  • Form 1094 C which is the transmittal of employer provided healthcare insurance offer and coverage information returns.
  • Form 1095 C which is for employer provided health insurance offer and coverage.
  • Form 1095 B which is on health coverage about individuals who are not liable for the shared responsibility payment.
  • Form 1099 B which is on proceeds from broker and barter exchange transactions.
  • Form 1099 C which is for cancellation of debt
  • Form 1099 Div to report dividends and distributions.
  • Form 1099 INT for interest income earned.
  • Form 1099 R which will be distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit sharing plans, IRAs, insurance contracts, etc.
  • Form 1099 S for proceeds from real estate transactions.
  • Form 1098 for mortgage interest statement
  • Form 1098 T for tuition statement.
  • Form 1042 S for foreign person’s US source income subject to withholding.

You can choose one or many of the forms in as many quantities you want to file with the IRS and/ or SSA. The pricing will depend on the form you choose, the options on whether you want only efile, or efile, print and edelivery or efile and print only, and also on the quantity of forms to be done.

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Why should you choose efile1099now?

Unlike the many different efiling platforms for taxes, the efile1099 offers completely paperless transactions where you don’t have to print any forms, buy envelopes or stamps to file your taxes and returns. There is no bother on recordkeeping either as everything is completely electronic.  The software is completely online and is cloud based which means you don’t have to worry about cluttering your system either.

With the online efile1099now software, you can,

  • File the 1099 and other forms for IRS through the electronic medium. The filing can be done electronically with IRS and/or SSA.
  • If you wish to you can send the electronic copies to the recipients.
  • There is notification sent on email to you at every step of the processing
  • There is a secure access to your records and it can be used every year without worries on compromising information security.
  • Complete encryption from end to end from the time you login to the system and the software follows the encryption standards as recommended by IRS itself.
  • Can process not just 1099 but also other forms like W-2C, 1098, etc., with an edelivery option to get immediate access to the updated form.

How Efile1099now is unique?

The services offered by efile1099now are completely cloud based and doesn’t require any form of download and you don’t have to worry about installations either. Most importantly it paves way for easy filing of taxes in the most secure manner possible. The company is committed to providing accurate and secure e-filing to IRS and to ensure that the receipt is emailed to the recipients as well. The software works on multiple forms covering both the employee needs in all type of businesses. There are also step by step instructional guides to help you in your endeavor to fill the details.

How to find coupon codes for efile1099now?

If you are looking to make the best out of your tax filing activity then you should look for the coupon codes or the promotional codes for efile1099now. This is easy to find and you just have to do a search on the search engines that you normally use. You can go to any of the search engines page, like that of Google or Bing or Yahoo, and then type in simple keywords to search for the coupon codes for efile1099now. The system will show multiple results that will help you to find the coupon code that you are looking for.

How to use these efile1099now promo codes?

If you have the coupon code to use on the efile1099now system then you should make the best use of it when applying for your tax filing or returns through this software. The pricing depends on the form you want to use and the number of forms you want to file. There is a free signup option post which you can use to login and then move to fill in the information that you want to be filed. At the checkout stage you will find the provisions for entering your payment as well as your coupon code related information. Enter the coupon code here and enjoy the benefit it brings along.