Colourvue Lens Coupon Code & Promo Codes (Sep. 2022)

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About Colourvue Lens:

Going to a Walking Dead themed party or a Resident Evil themed party? Maybe you are just getting ready for some horror themed event at your college or perhaps you want to cosplay as your favorite character and need to get the eye colour right? Naruto fans will definitely understand the dilemma of trying to find the right coloured lenses which go with their cosplay. Whatever may be the reason you will surely like to complete your outfit with some crazy coloured lenses which will suit your style.

But getting such lenses is difficult and most cosplayers simply resort to making the lenses which often doesn’t let them see anything even through lighter colours. It gets worse when people’s eyes get damaged due to the use of bad quality materials and colours to make the lens. If you too are afraid of such consequences of making a coloured lens on your own but want to enjoy your party or cosplay then there is a way out. You can shop from Colourvue Lens for coloured lenses.

Colourvue Lens offers a great variety of high quality colored lenses which can be used for a variety of needs. The lenses are made with precision and caution so that it doesn’t end up hurting or itching your eye.

Offers on Products:

  • Lenses of 14mm and 17mm: Colourvue lenses are designed with care and also to keep up with the trends. From lenses of anime characters to American superheroes, everything can be found here. They have a huge 14 and17mm lens selection which has everything from animals to movie characters. Here you will find “Cheetah” lenses with yellow and black, “Daredevil” lenses with black and red, “Goblin” lenses with two concentric circles or green and black, “Black Hole Sun” with a black split lens and many more.
  • Lenses of 22mm: 22mm lenses covers the whole eye, including the white portion as well called Sclera. Here you can find a variety of colored lenses too, like- “Kraken” with red in the iris and black throughout the outer part. There’s also “Sabertooth” with full black lenses and “Blindspot” which is fully white. You will also find here “Dark Angel” lenses which have black irises, concentric circles of smattered grey and is fully black in the Sclera.
  • UV Glow lenses: These lenses will make your eyes glow and sparkle under the disco lights. To make these lenses glowing inks are used which react under UV light and it will make your nightclub outing great. But you can obviously use them as normal coloured lenses too and they look great under normal light. The colours you can get here are red, yellow, electric blue, blue, green, orange, pink, red and more. Remember that the electric blue lens will be white in normal light but with emitting a strong blue colour under UV light.
  • Lumina: This isn’t anything like the above and appears quite tame in its style. But it enhances your personality and makes you stand out. Check out their Radiant Aqua, Gleaming Green, Dazzling Mint or any of the other lenses. These will go well with your outfit if you are cosplaying as an elf.

Top Rated Colourvue Lens Coupon Codes:

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Why should you choose Colourvue Lens?

Colourvue lenses offer great high-quality lenses which can be worn anywhere with ease. But there’s more to them than meets the eye:

  • They have a wide variety of colored lens selection which comes in different sizes ranging from 14mm to 22mm. These options will never let you feel starved for choice. So parties, cosplays and more will be infinitely more fun.
  • They don’t just leave you hanging after giving you the lens. You can check out their site to know how you can both put and take out the lenses.
  • They also list a lot of safety instructions to follow like washing the lens with a multi-solution, not drying your hands on a lint towel, not share your lenses with others and more so that you remain safe and nothing external gets in your eyes.
  • Their shipping policies are easy and simple so that you don’t have to lose track of your lens and miss that event you were thinking of going to.

How Colourvue Lens is unique?

Colourvue Lens is unique because of a variety of factors which ranges from its great collection and more, like:

  • They hold a lot of exhibitions which you can attend to see their amazing collection being used by people to create magnificent works of art.
  • They label all their packages well so that their customers don’t face any problems knowing whether the package they ordered is really that one.
  • They know and understand that the eye is a really sensitive body part and so they make use of great quality materials to make the lenses. This ensures that you don’t have to face any sort of problems later on.

How to find Colourvue Lens discount code:

Colourvue Lens coupon code is available quite easily on their site but if you can’t find it there, then you should try searching on the internet. A simple search of Colourvue Lens coupon codes should give you various sites which have them available. But you should judge with care the site you want to take the coupons from as some are there to just scam you or put various types of malware on your device.

Colourvue Lens offers great quality and variety of coloured lenses which can be worn for any parties, events or such. So now your parties will never be dull!

How to Use Colourvue Lens Coupon Code?

Colourvue Lens’s coupon code will let you be able to get a good discount. But you should call them up to check if there is indeed a discount being given for the lens you are buying, just to be safe. You can use their discount coupons at the time of making the payment for the lenses you are buying. You will have to put in the coupon code when it will be asked for at the time of payment. After that, the system will process the code and deduct the required amount from the total amount you have racked up. Remember that they are for one time use as well.