Cobra Foam Coupon Code & Promo Codes (Oct. 2022)

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About Cobra foam:

If you are looking for quality replacement for your inserts in protective cases and dry boxes, then Cobra foam inserts offer the best choices for you. Whether it is a firearm case or that of a drone, you will find the apt replacement right here at the Cobra Foam inserts online website. You can either shop based on the brand that you own or based on the product that you own. You also have the option to get the customized cutouts of the cases made to keep your firearms and other equipments completely safe in any condition.

Offers on Products:

Foam types

Currently Cobra Foam inserts offer two different foam types for the protective cases, the one made of polyethylene and polyurethane. Both foams have their own benefits depending on the product along with which you use them. You can use polyethylene when you need a shock repelling foam and when you are looking for more crash protection you can go with the polyurethane foam.

Custom cutouts

Using the right method to get the customized cutout for your foam insert is what Cobra foam specializes in. Be it die cutting or waterjet or Laser CNC, they use only the best of the methods for the purpose to guarantee you a customized foam insert, professionally cut to fit your items perfectly. You can just provide them with a picture of the items for which you need the foam insert to be cut precisely and they will provide you with the right insert for the items. You have to give them details on the brand, the model, the items that will be stored in the case, the layout you want to have inside your case and you can get the foam inserts customized to your specifications in no time at all.

Special sizes

If you have a special case that needs a specification on foam insert, then you can do that as well under their special sizes section. They have plenty of already available foam inserts in varying sizes that you can order from or you can choose your own dimensions to order as well.


Among the different brands covered by the Cobra foam inserts, you will also find the names of the leading brands like Pelican, Storm, Plano, SKB, Halliburton, Explorer, Cabela’s, Seahorse, Nanuk, Boyt and 5.11. Under each of these brands, you will find products from these leading industry players to match with the varying requirements based on the products you own.

You can simply filter for the brand you have and then choose from the whole plethora of items you need to buy from them.

Case types

You can also choose to shop based on the case type that you have. Whether you have a firearms or a walkie talkie case, you can get the foam inserts accordingly. Available case types include firearms, drones, walkies, virtual reality, specialty cases and truck storage. You can click on any of these options to get the required foam insert for your product.

Top Rated Cobra Foam Coupon Codes:

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Why should you choose Cobra Foam?

Whether you are looking for foam inserts to keep your firearms safe or you want your cameras to keep from banging onto the case they are stored in, you need the right foam insert to help in the quest. And that is where the Cobra Foam comes in quite handy. You can use the cobra foam inserts for multiple protective and dry cases to store different things that are very precious and are to be kept safer too.

Cobra foam offers the best quality foam inserts from some of the leading brands in the industry including Pelican to deal with the different requirements you might have. They offer a true fit guarantee which means that you are assured of the foam insert fitting with your equipment irrespective of what you order them for.

Another feature with the Cobra foam inserts is that you have the option to customize it to the layout of your choice. You can just give them the make and model of the instrument along with a layout and the items you would be storing in the case and they will give you the exact foam insert that will encapsulate all of them.

How Cobra Foam is unique?

The best part about the foam inserts you buy from the Cobra Foam is that they come with a True Fit Guarantee. This means that they assure you, that your foam insert you buy, be it custom cut or specialty case or any other, it will fit in with your instruments quite nicely. You will never have any complaints on the fitting of the case and the foam insert. They offer a tight fit in many cases with a little spacing in certain cases based on what is the best requirement for the case in question. This helps to keep the customers happy in all ways.

How to find the coupon code for Cobra Foam?

If you want to get a good deal on the Cobra foam inserts, other than their already competitive pricing, then you should be looking at getting these coupon codes online. These are available through multiple web portals and are quite easy to find too. You just have to go to any of the search engine home page, like that of Google and conduct a simple search using the simplest of the keywords for the same. And you will be presented with a whole lot of websites offering multiple coupon codes and promotional deals from which you can choose the one that is apt for you.

How to use these Cobra Foam coupon code?

If you have a coupon code to use at the Cobra Foam inserts online store, then you have just made yourself lucky. To start with add all the products that you want to buy from the store to your shopping cart. Once done, go to the cart and then simply click on checkout and you will be taken to another page where you have to provide information for shipping and billing. On the same page on the right side, there is a provision to enter the discount code or the coupon code. Enter the code, click Apply and enjoy the discounted price.