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About Buycraft:

If you are looking for the best platform to manage the different aspects of a game server, then you should trust the Buycraft to help you on your quest.

Whatever be the favorite game, you can now manage the servers in the most efficient manner and offer highly organized subscription based products to users across the world using the Buycraft cloud platform.

Offers on Products:

Some of the features that you can make use of with the help of this platform include,

  • Control panel: This is a feature which will help you manage every aspect of the game server from payments to permissions. With the help of these features you can manage payments effortlessly. You have the option to view transactions, make or add notes to the existing ones, create new transactions and finally manage the entire command management promptly. There are also options for creating subscription based products across a whole range of payment gateways. You can also include user based permission and access controls and improve the performance of your store with the right analytics on hand.
  • Webstore: You can make use of the bespoke and yet custom templates or themes to make sure that your web store stands out. You can create the CMS pages of your own while also using the existing template to mirror the theme you want. There are options to create your own customized modules, and handle taxation with utmost ease.
  • Games: The Buycraft platform supports a whole bunch of games through their official plugins, RCON, MySQL or through custom API integration. You can choose any different method for integration to the game server among these options. You can also use the API to build your own customized implementation of the game. With well documented APIs you will not have anything more to ask for from the developers and yet there is a dedicated team to help you in reaching your goal.
  • Analytics: It is always about performance and you can now track the performance of your store with the most powerful analytics there is. These analytics will also help you to monitor the revenue graph, giving you the smarter option of working. You can find where the traffic comes from, export transactions and payments to a CSV file or check the packages that are popular. Furthermore you can use A/B testing to optimize the performance of your store.
  • Security: It is of paramount importance to keep your web store safe and that is why the websites created here are always with the necessary and latest security installations. You can also prevent fraudulent transactions with IP checking, two way authentications and the option to ban problematic users on the server.
  • Engagement: Use the entire suite of features to keep your audience engaged with your brand and increase the revenue in the process. You can make your own coupon codes, make caveats, create online promotions, issue gift cards, in-game messages to help players finish their checkout and much more.

Top Rated Buycraft Coupon Codes:

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Why should you choose Buycraft?

The control panel, web store and other options offered by Buycraft has features that will make it easier for you to manage the different aspects of the webstore. Here are some reasons why Buycraft is a better choice for you to make.

  • You can easily and quickly access any kind of payment or transaction and view details about them as and when you want.
  • You can also add notes to the payments that are already present so that other users can understand more about the same.
  • The command management options are easy to use for anyone and you can use these commands to easily manage your server in the most efficient manner possible.
  • There is also a wide range of package options which can help you to sell products within the game, with the help of some of the most powerful set of tools.
  • You can also offer subscription based products, including automatic renewal of subscriptions. You can both create and sell these subscription based products.
  • There are multiple payment gateway options including PayPal that you can make use of in your server.
  • You can manage an entire team of users with access and permission control with ease.

How is it unique?

The buycraft is a platform that manages all aspects of the game server from security, engagement of consumers to control panel and managing the web store. When it comes to effective management of web stores and games, you have plenty of options and customization that you cannot think of in any other similar platforms. Furthermore, there are ready to use templates in multiple stages for those who are happy with off the shelf patterns and an option to mirror the code but customize the theme for those who want something different on their website. Lastly they are completely secure with a better command line management option at hand.

How to find these Buycraft promo code?

Finding the coupon or the discount or the promotional code for Buycraft is quite a simple task. All you need is basic knowledge on how to browse over the internet and how to use the search engines. You can use any search engine, be it Google or Yahoo or Bing and search using the most simplest of the terms in the search bar like “coupon code for Buycraft” or “Buycraft discount code”. As and when you hit enter you will find a whole plethora of options to choose from different websites. Choose wisely and you will be rewarded handsomely by these coupon codes.

How to use these Buycraft coupon code:

To start with you have to select a plan that you want to make use of. You will need to create an account and register with them in order to use the coupon codes and get what you want. Once you have chosen the plan and you have signed in with a registered account detail, you will be taken to the shopping cart and payment page. On this page prior to choosing the payment method you will find the box for entering the coupon code. Enter the code here and enjoy the discounted plan to help getting started on your web store.