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About Autowash Online:

Having a car is a great convenience, especially when it’s hot outside and you can relax in your car on the way to your regular morning commute instead of taking public transport. But maintaining that car is important as well as. It’s important not just so that it looks good but also that it goes on working for years.

Autowash Online is one such company which has been a premier distributor of carwash equipment, replacement parts, and point-of-sale items. They have been in operation for almost 50 years and as such, they are the oldest as well as the most experienced suppliers. If you need any carwash product, then you can bet that they will have it.

Offers on Products:

So here’s a look at the kind of products that they have:

Car wash tablets

  • ECO CW-15, 25 and 50: These car wash tablets are a bioremediation solution which has been proven to reduce the odors which have been associated with reclaimed water. These Eco-Tabs help in increasing system efficiency and are also non-toxic along with being environmentally safe.


  • Transco Gearbox: This is a factory gearbox that comes with angled shaft for Transco Equipment mitter.

3D-HD Car Care

  • 422OZ16: This is an HD Poxy 16 oz. The HD Poxy substance provides a wet look shine and high gloss, including Montan Wax protection and polymer
  • 422OZ32: This also goes by HD Poxy 32 oz. HD POXY and it provides for the ultimate wet look shine and high gloss, along Montan Wax protection and polymer.
  • 423G01: This also goes by HD Touch 1 GallonHD. It is very versatile and just the perfect solution to all types of your surface handling needs. It is strong enough to be used as a form of Waterless Wash but it is also mild enough that it can be used as a form of streak-free Quick Detailed. This is an advanced towel/clay bar lubricant.

Armor all

  • 487562: This is an all protectant and is known as Decal Armor. You won’t be incurring any extra charges when purchasing it.
  • 668326: This is known as Armor All 3 Column Sponge and does as its name indicates.


  • CP-17991: It is an all-around cleaner as it was precisely designed for the finishing off the task of the removal of polishing oils. This is useful for inspections and it can also be used before the introduction to the coating like sealant or wax or the CQuartz apply.
  • CP-17992: CarPro Eraser 1 Liter is another great cleaner which was made to ensure complete removal of the polishing oils for inspections. It can also be used before the application of CQuartz or any other wax, coating or sealant.

DEMA floats and proportions

  • DEM 437P-21: It is a Float Valve with Proportioner and comes with Large Barb With Tips

Detail brushes

  • 85-649: These brushes are made up of soft, grey China bristled which are ideal for cleaning all around seams, moldings, and This brush is very effective when it comes to removing polish and wax residues around emblems.
  • 85-631: This comes with natural Tampico bristles which clean wheels where other brushes can’t reach.

Top Rated Autowash Online Coupon Codes:

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Why should you choose Autowash Online?

Autowash has been a trusted supplier of car wash product. It has been always a reliable source when it comes it delivering quality products. But if you are still not convinced, here’s why you should give Autowash a try:

  • The company is almost 50 years old and they carry that many years of experience along with it as well. This means that they know what they are doing and have kept themselves updated in a market which is constantly changing.
  • They have a wide range of products. These range from cleaning brushes to auto parts and more. These products have sub-categories to the original categories as well. This just shows how meticulous they are when it comes to ensuring that the consumers don’t have to go back empty-handed.
  • You can make changes in your order at Autowash but it has to be before the date of delivery if any products or product. Also, ensure that they can get a written letter regarding it.
  • Due to their experience, they can advise you on the kind of product to buy which will be beneficial for your vehicle. They can also advise you on how to keep your operational for long.

How Autowash Online is unique?

  • Autowash has always believed in following a simple formula and that was providing the customers with great quality car wash equipment. This commitment to providing great products isn’t found in every business.
  • So, if you are on the lookout for a high pressure pump or conveyor chain, this is the brand that you should seek. They deal with all the equipment and replacement parts that are needed in the car wash sector.
  • The company has been in operation for almost half a century and it is one of the oldest car wash suppliers. Their continued presence is proof of their business tactics which has enabled them to enjoy continuous customer support.

How to find Autowash online coupon code?

You can find Autowash coupon codes all over the internet. A simple search by typing in Autowash Coupon Code will do the trick and you will get lots of hits. But make sure you check that the site you are getting it from is genuine. This is because there are a lot of fraudulent sites which are looking to scam you.

Autowash is definitely one of the best companies which are involved in car supplies. They can be trusted and as since they have built its reputation on customer satisfaction, it won’t let you down.

How to Use Autowash online Coupon Code?

Using Autowash coupon will surely knock off some amount from the total price tag. Remember that you will be able to use the coupon code only once. Also, it has an expiry date as well, so make sure you use it before it goes invalid. When using the coupon code you will just have to copy paste it in the required box when making the final purchase. Make sure you use it only in the box when it will be prompted to you to type in the coupon code. Make full use of the coupon code and don’t let it go to waste.