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About Anime Impulse:

Do you love anime? That’s a silly question, what’s not to love about anime after all. From the famous ones like Attack on Titan, Fairytale or Fate Zero to the less famous ones like Noragami and Ao no Exorcist and more, anime with its different styles and genres have captured hearts like no other. So if you have fallen in love with the characters of any anime ever, then why not try out Anime Impulse’s Insanime Night Festival.

Curious about what it is? It will have everything you love. From cosplaying and getting to see famous cosplayers to listening to amazing music and partying with people who love the anime you do. All you have to do to get invited is join up the kick-starter. The event is scheduled for July 4th, Thursday, 2019. The address is Belasco Theater, Los Angeles CA.

The time- 9 PM – 1 AM. Also, interns of tickets we will be able to scan it from your device itself but it’s still advisable that you print it out for faster entry. The tickets themselves will cost around $10 for a day’s pass. But there are other divisions which you will be able to find on their site. You will be able to get tickets for kids who are between 3-12 years old at the door as well. Kids under three get admitted for free for one paid admission. It means that there’s one child for one adult. But keep in mind that ticket availability is not guaranteed. What will you get to do there?

Offers on Products:

  • Cosplay: You will be able to cosplay as your favorite character or bring along your friends and cosplay as the whole anime team. You will also get to meet and see several cosplayers who have been doing this for years. You will also get to show off your cosplay in front of others. So get sewing or buying all the things needed to get in the character of your face.
  • Merchandise: You will be able to buy a lot of merch there, ranging from anime impulse hat, an Impulse Vert Shirt, Emily Ghoul x Anime Impulse Skatedeck, Hana Bunny x Anime Impulse Skatedeck, Limited Phase 3 Anime Impulse ROBO Pin, Emily x Anime Impulse Skatedeck Pt. II (Signed), Emily x Anime Impulse Skatedeck Pt. I (Signed), Anime Impulse Vinyl Decal and more.
  • Instagram: If your cosplay is fantabulous then you will get a chance to feature on our Instagram page as well with others.
  • Props: Cosplaying is bound to have props and we love to see what you will come up with. But keeping in mind the safety of both you and the people around you, please keep in mind that no actual weapons will be allowed in. This also means that no metal things will be allowed in and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to guns and weapons like that. Also remember to keep all props and weapons in plain sight, all the time as they will be inspected by the anime impulse staff or even the security staff. If the prop doesn’t get approved then you will have the option of either storing the prop in your car, hotel room or home. If you are asking what it allows, then know that bows and slingshots without the projectile weapons are allowed. To know more you can check out their site.

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Why should you choose Anime Impulse?

This anime party that is going to happen is bound to be one of the best in town. They have taken care of all possible things so that you get to have the utmost fun. Here are the reasons why you will get to have the time of your life:

  • The cosplay party is going to be massive with lots of people attending. This means that there will be both ordinary people and also experienced cosplayers who will be attending and performing. Not only will you get to show off your creativity, but learn from others on how to improve.
  • The tickets are cheap and made such so that you can enjoy as much as you want without thinking about your wallet.
  • They have strict rules and regulations when it comes to props. While it may seem like too much at times, but it’s done to ensure that you and your fellow anime cosplayers remain safe.
  • There will also be lots of ATM machines so that you don’t have to run outside to get money and get gawked at.
  • You will not be without internet inside as you will be able to purchase wifi on the ground. Now click pictures and upload them all you want.

How Anime Impulse is unique?

Anime Impulse is a professional event which will have lots of serious cosplayers and there will even be a cosplay event for all anime fans. What makes it different and unique from others is that:

  • It’s a well-regulated party as there will be security staff to maintain order in case someone decides to step too much in character.
  • They have also written down plenty of rules and regulations on their site so that everything is clear about what to do and what not to do.
  • There will lot of unique merchandise which you will be able to get for yourself.

How to find Anime Impulse coupon code?

Anime Impulse coupon codes will be easily available on their site. But if you can’t find it there, then it’s advisable that you contact the event organizers once to confirm if they have stopped giving out the coupons. Or as an alternative, you can search on the internet as well. Just type in Anime Impulse Coupon code and hit the search button. You will be taken to a page full of sites where this coupon is being given out. Just click on one and get the coupon. But make sure to verify if the one you are using is real. There are lots of fakes out there, looking to get money out of your pockets.

Anime Impulse is quite possibly one of the best Anime parties to go to right now and have loads of fun with people who have the same interests as you.

How to Use Anime Impulse Coupon Code?

Getting hold of an Anime Impulse Coupon code means that you will easily be able to get some discount in the event. These coupon codes are for one-time use only and are applicable for a certain amount of time to use it within that deadline. To use the discount coupon you will have to visit their site and when you are purchasing the tickets, put the code in when prompted. The system will automatically accept the code and deduct the assigned amount.