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About Anime Central:

The Anime Central is a convention for all popular Japanese cultures including anime and manga and it is held in Midwest and Chicago. It is generally held during the months of April or May, in the spring season every year. The objective of the convention is to bring together the fans of anime and manga industry along with guests from the respective disciplines. It also includes people from Asian culture, cinema and gaming industries.

Conducted by the Midwest animation promotion society, it has many events dedicated to the development of Asian culture inclusive of manga and anime. The Anime Central is the most important of all events which is held for the members of the society every year. If you are a member of the Midwest Animation Promotion Society (M.A.P.S) or you are purchasing one, you will get yourself the invitation to be part of this grand convention.

Offers on Products:

There are plenty of events and social gatherings organized at this annual event for the M.A.P.S members. The event usually has a huge exhibition with a game room that is amazingly massive. The event also hosts several dance programs, concerts, workshops, tabletop gaming, 24hr video rooms, sessions for autograph from famous personalities in the industry, special premieres and more.

Register to be a part of it

If you want to be part of the Anime Central convention you need to first register yourself. On the website of Anime Central you will find the link for registering to various posts. You can register for just being an attendee or you can register for Cosplay meetups, masquerade and other events. There is also separate registration for those who want to be part of the exhibits through the exhibit registration or if you are an artist you can proceed through the Artist alley registration.

Here are some of the events held as part of this huge convention.

  1. Cosplay meetups: Scheduled official photo shoots of cosplayers, it offers you the perfect place to catch up with fellow cosplayers or to just gaze around at your favorite character coming alive.
  2. EDM dances: Some of the best DJs from Japan are here to make you dance your way along on a Friday evening in the most spectacular party you have ever witnessed.
  3. Escape rooms: If you have the wits and the manpower then you would love to escape out of these themed rooms.
  4. Manga library: With plenty of webcomics, graphic novels, manga and other books, this is a paradise for book lovers and manga lovers alike.
  5. Masquerade: There are both skits and walk on options and you can choose based on the number of people on your team and have fun masquerading as your favorite character on stage.
  6. Table top gaming: Different role playing games involving pen, paper, and card games, collectible miniatures and cards gaming and plenty of other table games on the offer for you.

And there is plenty more on offer for everyone who wants to be part of this mega convention and have fun.

Top Rated Anime Central Discount Codes:

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Why should you choose Anime Central?

Anime Central has everything you would want as a lover of anime, manga and other Asian culture related events.

  • As the largest convention for manga and anime related events, you have the opportunity to meet up with the likeminded individuals and to share your passion for the same culture.
  • The convention is organized so well that they provide you with maps, directions and everything you would need to be there on time and to take part in all related events.
  • There are plenty of events to be part of to suit everyone’s taste. If you like to dress up as your favorite anime character, then you would find yourself at home at the Cosplay gatherings with individuals who think the same as you.
  • There are also masquerade, video gaming, table top gaming, and many other different events organized to give you the taste of the famous Asian culture and the industry of anime.
  • There is a separate section dedicated to help you plan your trip which includes option for dining, the planned schedule, the hotels you can stay at, the discounts you can avail while traveling, the performers and the guests in the event and much more.

How Anime Central is unique?

The idea of the Anime Central convention is to promote animation industry in the North American sector and to also appreciate the artistic rendition in the manga and anime industries. It is also a convention aimed at educating people about the tradition and culture of Asian countries.

Most importantly the event provides you the chance to be with like-minded people who love the anime and manga as much as you do. You will also find plenty of cosplayers wearing the costume inspired by their favorite manga or anime character parading around in the convention venue.

How to find the coupon code for Anime central?

The best way to get a good deal on the anime convention, the Anime Central is to get you the discount or coupon codes. And these coupon codes are not tough to find either. You can get them with ease through the many different online outlets. You just have to go to any search engine, be it Google or Yahoo or Bing. And on the search tab, search for the coupon codes for Anime Central and you will find a huge list of websites offering coupon codes that will please your expectations. These coupon codes will get you closer to your favorite anime in a much lesser price.

How to use Anime central coupon code?

If you wish to be part of the mega anime convention then you definitely need to get yourself a membership for Anime Central and that is easily done by accessing their official website. And you can make the deal even sweeter by using the codes. Alphanumeric in nature, you can use them with ease as you pass through the multiple registration levels. Once you fill in the details for registration of a new member, you will have to make the payment at the checkout page. At this page, you will find the provision to enter your Anime central coupon code. Enter the code here and enjoy the discount.