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About Acen:

ACEN, short for Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, offers specialized accreditation in the multiple nursing education levels and helps with programs for transition to practice. It leads the field in strengthening nursing education and its objective is to improve consistently and constantly the strength and quality of nursing education and the programs on transition to practice for nursing.

Offers on Programs:

Search ACEN accredited nursing programs

As part of their effort to provide quality nursing education and ensure that the public has the necessary tools to find accredited programs in their pursuit of knowledge and career, they offer an online search option through which you can view the accreditation status of a program.

You can use this tool by simply accessing their official website and clicking on the tab for “Search programs” and then by choosing “Search accredited programs”. Again you can further filter down based on the state you are looking for, the type of program you want to check, the specific program itself or the city colleges that offers the same and multiple other filter options. Narrowing down the options gives you an easy way to find the information you are looking for, on any particular program or college. The statuses on the latest accreditation, any stipulations, etc. are clearly mentioned on this page.

Voluntary withdrawal

There are also those institutions or colleges that withdraw the accreditation status voluntarily and those who allow the accreditation to lapse, which is again considered as voluntary withdrawal. You can find the list of such colleges, institutions, universities along with the program type which has now been withdrawn and the date on which it was withdrawn in this section.

Furthermore, if you want to know the accreditation status of these programs prior to their voluntary withdrawal you can do the same by submitting a verification request on their online portal which will help you to find what you are looking for.

Candidacy process

If a program on nursing is applying for the accreditation for the first time, they have to first apply for the candidacy. A professional staff from ACEN will review the program and then based on the potential of the program to get accredited will award it with candidacy. A program which is given a status of candidate need not get accredited successfully. The procedure to be followed and the documents to be submitted are listed down clearly on the website of ACEN for use by those who need it.

The lists of programs which are currently under the status of candidacy are also made available on the website in a separate section.

The website also provides you with the site visits scheduled for the upcoming year under the Site visits tab. If you want to check the accreditations done in the last cycle or for any particular year you can find that information as well presented in the section called “Commission actions”. The website offers holistic information on accreditation status to everyone on every program that has applied with them for the same.

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Why should you choose ACEN?

ACEN works not just in the interest of those who want to pursue education in nursing but it also supports nursing practice and the public in its programs. Being an organization which focuses on ensuring absolute quality in the education provided, the programs are reviewed by professional staffs from the team, who have the expertise and experience in the respective field. Furthermore, the public are also given the option to share their inputs through the “Site Visits” tab that allows for open review process.

ACEN offers an advisory review for any program which is gearing up to get the status of accreditation ensuring that it has everything to clear the requirements. They help the program to navigate through the process of accreditation smoothly. The information on accreditation helps the students to decide on the programs that is best suited and recognized by the state regulatory agencies before applying for them.

The peer evaluation process also provides the opportunity for everyone to be part of the process and lead the next generation to the epitome of quality education. There are also constant workshops, conferences and study forums organized by ACEN to help facilitate the students, administrators, data analysts, the staff and accreditation liaisons.

How Acen is unique?

The ACEN works toward offering the accreditation on the nursing programs, the evaluation for which is done by the peers in the same industry. And there are also open review sessions where the comments from those who are not part of the board to provide their inputs on how the program is effective or otherwise. The pros and cons are weighed adequately before a program is awarded with accreditation. It is also to be noted that there is a process of candidacy even before accreditation which involves a thorough look through on the program and its objectives, before granting the same.

How to find these discount code for the ACEN?

Getting the coupon code for ACEN is quite simple if you knew how to navigate through search engines and online websites. You can use any of the search engines such as the Google or the Bing for this purpose and all that you need to do is go to the search bar on these engines and use simple keywords like ACEN conference coupon code and you will find plenty of websites offering you the best of the opportunities to register at a discounted price. Choose any of the website and the coupon offered there and have a fun time at the conference for a discounted price.

How to use these ACEN coupon code!

The ACEN organizes a yearly conference which is the perfect time to learn new things and get ahead of the competition. You can register for their programs online and while registering you are required to pay for the admission to the conference and its pre-sessions. The prices are exclusively formulated to make it a good deal but if you have a coupon code, you can make it your day. Just register for the forum, by providing your information and at the payment page, prior to checkout you will find the option to enter the coupon or promo code. Key in the code and enjoy the discounted price on your successful registration.